The Easiest Way to Make Butter Coffee

I recently established a very simple way to make butter coffee, so I would like to share it in this article. Basically, you just need a tall mug cup and a creamer.

What you need

Tall Mug Cup

You need to have Tall height mug cup not to spill during mixing coffee and butter using creamer. FYI, I am using a mug cup which have 12cm height.

mug cup


Any Creamer is OK. I am using a cheap $15 one. Unlike a mixer, there is no washing time😎


The Recipe

1. Put one tablespoon of Butter and favorite Coffee into the Mug Cup

2. Mix it using the Creamer for a while (1 minutes or so)

3. Drink!

See? It is super easy! If you like this recipe, please try 👍


  • I think bitter coffee is better for butter coffee
  • Grass-fed butter contains 5 times as much omega-3 fatty acids as normal one
  • You can add cinnamon, if you like the smell
  • MCT oil may produce laxative effects but good source of fat
  • Egg🥚yolk is also option to add

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Last Updated: 12/4/2019, 2:17:01 PM