Make technology blog with VuePress

The article introduce technology used in the site. It uses VuePress.

Contents management

I am writing articles with Markdown. The static site generator (converter from Markdown to HTML) used in the blog is VuePress which is really amazing as we can use Vue.js in Markdown! 😇

The articles are placed on the private repository of Github.

Hosting and Deploy

Netlify is used for hosting. Netlify is just awesome. The settings like pushing to the Bitbucket repository triggered build and deploy is pretty easy. You just specify vuepress build for build command, and .vuepress/dist for dist directory in Netlify management console.

Netlify DNS are used for managing the domain. Netlify DNS is nice because we can split sub domains by git branches.

Also, making the site HTTPS is achieved with one click (Netlify uses Let's encrypt for HTTPS). It couldn't be better 🙏

The results of Lighthouse

lighthouse report

Installing PWA makes the lighthouse score to over 90. SEO is also great with using VuePress. This is pretty easy.

Note Stopped using PWA in this blog.

Last Updated: 6/22/2019, 5:30:33 AM